The Sebring CRA’s primary objective is to eliminate slum and blight within the Community Redevelopment Area, and position Downtown Sebring as highly desired option for business and recreational opportunities. The CRA is committed to ensuring the economic vitality of the CRA District through projects and initiatives that enhance its aesthetic appeal, increase the tax base, and promote business growth. Incentive programs that catalyze investment are a part of the CRA’s strategy to redevelop and revitalize the area, and continue the positive progression of the CRA District. 

The CRA offers funding assistance programs to qualified property owners to support redevelopment projects, commercial and residential property improvements, and the marketing of events throughout the CRA District.

Funding assistance provided by the CRA is intended to support the economic development of the CRA district through encouraging private investment in building enhancements, business establishment and growth, increased pedestrian traffic, and job creation. Review the information below to help determine if our programs can help you with your project.

Funding is budgeted annually following the CRA’s fiscal year (starting October 1st each year), and is approved on a first-come, first-served basis. Please allow up to several weeks for application processing, and plan your project accordingly. Be sure to apply before starting construction, and prior to you even occurring. If the project gets underway before the CRA Board has a chance to review it then it is no longer eligible for assistance. 

Review the below guidelines for each program to learn more about their applicable expenses, and determine your project’s eligibility. Download the application to apply for funding assistance, and learn what additional documentation is needed to accompany your application to be considered a complete application packet.

Applications are accepted year-round, pending the availability of funding, and are subject to the approval of the CRA Board. Funds are paid by reimbursement at the completion of the project, after eligible costs have been verified. If you have additional questions, contact our office by phone at (863) 471-5104.


DTR Grant Application2023/2024325.21 KBDownload
DTR Grant Checklist2023/2024156.77 KBDownload
DTR Grant Overview2023/2024172.31 KBDownload


Facade Grant Application2023/2024318.88 KBDownload
Facade Grant Checklist2023/2024150.30 KBDownload
Facade Grant Overview2023/2024224.65 KBDownload


Cafe Seating Grant Application2023/2024325.13 KBDownload
Cafe Seating Grant Checklist2023/2024149.10 KBDownload
Cafe Seating Grant Overview2023/20244.05 MBDownload

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The Florida Small Business Development Center at USF, located at South Florida State College, provides no-cost confidential consulting, training and market research information to aspiring, emerging and existing business owners in the Heartland. Consulting is by appointment.

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South Florida State College’s Corporate and Community Education (CCE) Department is the first choice for work-related education. Our ongoing workshops and seminars can help you sharpen your job skills or earn the continuing education units you need to maintain your professional license.

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