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Groomer on the Circle


I have the experience of running a large Grooming Company and know what customers want. Your dogs to be treated with love, patience, and kindness and you expect a good groom every time. Customer satisfaction and the welfare of your dogs are #1 priority. When I groom your dog I do a full body inspection and will inform you of any lumps.. bumps.. infections or other abnormalities that I detect. I carry a large variety of shampoos including medicated shampoo, flea shampoo, hypoallergenic shampoo, and many others to choose from. ( at no extra charge ) I believe in top of the line equipment and pet grooming products and the safety of your pet. I use an electric / hydraulic tub and table so large dogs do not ever need to be lifted. Dogs can step into tub from floor and walk on to table from floor. My salon is transparent and a dog is never taken to an area that cannot be seen from customer. I service small to large dogs.


Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5pm
Sunday-Monday Closed


3000 Kenilworth Blvd.
Sebring Sebring, FL 33870


(863) 840-5719