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10 Aug, 2017 No Comments

Events in Downtown Sebring Every 1st Friday

SEBRING, FLA. (August 10, 2017) Thanks to Sun Events partnering with The Champion for Children’s Foundation of Highlands County you can expect an event every first Friday of the month at the Circle Theatre in downtown Sebring. Their 1st event in downtown was a live concert, Friday, August 4th with Dave Feder. This event was sold out in its entirety and gave the chance for local sensation, Caitlin Sinness to open up for Dave Feder.

Their next event takes place on September 1st, 2017 from 7:30 to 9:30 pm at The Circle Theatre; 202 Circle Park Drive, featuring the ultimate party band, Paisley Craze! This band will be covering British and American bands from the 1960s including the Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Supremes, Jimi Hendrix and much more. This is definitely a show worth attending. Get your tickets early at and follow their Facebook page; in order to stay on top of new events.

19 Jul, 2017 No Comments

Flamenco infused Folk music in Downtown Sebring

Downtown Sebring is in for a treat as Dave Feder makes an appearance to The Circle Theatre Friday, August 4 at 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM for a night full of Flamenco infused Folk music and full on entertainment. Also performing at 7:30 pm is the local sensation and Nashville recording artist Caitlin Sinness.Tickets on sale now!  Get yours “here” For more information call (863) 494-9362


“His laid back style easily disguises the complexity of his blazingly deft finger picking. Three decades of island-living in the Florida Keys has influenced Feder’s breezy, approachable, and sophisticated music.  Playing from his heart, he shows us more than just a glimpse of his soul. His musicianship incorporates miles of style, woven into a personal journey telling stories about life through the strings of his guitar.” –