More than 15 businesses will be partaking in the mannequin challenge starting September 1st, 2017 in the attempt to encourage the Sebring community and shoppers from all surrounding areas to venture downtown, take photos by their favorite displays & post them on social media; all while creating a buzz for downtown Sebring and the businesses within.

What to expect? 15+ merchants unite and decorate their storefront windows with mannequins in fun and creative ways, sure to attract smiles and curiosity into the downtown area. You are invited to stroll the area with your family and experience The Great Mannequin Challenge.

People also have the option to vote for their favorite mannequin display on downtown Sebring’s Facebook page, as photos of the displays will be uploaded for public viewing. How to vote? It’s easy. Every like, comment and share count as one vote. The photo with the most combined activity (likes, comments & shares) becomes the winner.

Participating businesses are:

Janet King’s Art Gallery; 103 Circle Park Drive
Steve and Company; 113 Circle Park Drive
Hobby Hill Florist; 541 North Ridgewood Drive
Alice Stroppel’s Studio 215; 215 North Ridgewood Drive
Frames And Images; 108 Circle Park Drive
Brenner’s Pottery Shop; 104 Circle Park Drive
Linda’s Books;  203 North Ridgewood Drive
The Lazy Dog;  113 South Commerce Drive
Boutique Lane; 110 N Ridgewood Drive
Legacy Bicycle; 204 S Ridgewood Drive
Cut N Up Salon; 116 North Ridgewood Drive
Grateful Hearts Art Studio & Boutique; 1989 Lakeview Drive
Circle Salon; 320 Lemon Ave
Restore for Habitat; 159 South Commerce
The Greater Sebring Chamber of Commerce; 309 Circle Park Drive
South Ridge Abstract and Title; 229 S Commerce
Lucid Heart Gallery; 131 N Ridgewood Drive
The Highlands News Sun; 207 Circle Park Drive
Mae Lee’s Deli; 445 N Ridgewood Dr
Loretta DeWitt @ Sebring Flea Market; 231 S Ridgewood Dr