You are invited to the ‘Historic Downtown Sebring Gallery Walk’. Enjoy art from some of your favorite galleries, and refreshments on Friday, February 16th from 12 – 8 PM! Save the date and share with a friend.

Participating merchants:
Alice Stroppel’s Studio 215 (215 N. Ridgewood Dr.)
The Off Circle Gallery (133 N Ridgewood Dr.)
Downtown Mall & Marketplace ( 231 S Ridgewood Dr.)
Linda’s Books (108 Circle Park Dr.)
Gene Brenner pottery (104 Circle Park Dr.)
Janet King Painting Studio (103 Circle Park Dr.)
Lucid Heart Gallery (131 N Ridgewood Dr.)
Bill Daley’s Photography (121 N. Ridgewood Dr.)
Abstractions, Bill Cousins
Highlands Art League (1985 Lakeview Dr.)
Grateful Hearts (1989 Lakeview Dr.)
Betty Ford Smith at the Clovelly House (351 W. Center Ave)
Pat Dews at Highlands Museum of The Arts (351 W. Center Ave)